Research Support & Consultancy

what we do


Delve deep into your topic of interests, save time conquering your readings, achieve more writing publications, accelerate your expertise with our:

  1. Literature Curation
  2. Literature reviews
  3. Literature parsings
  4. Annotated Bibliography
  5. Bi-weekly digest
  6. Literature Key-findings overview


Empower your projects, team, organization and trajectories with our:

  1. Field State of the art discussion
  2. Workshop facilitation
  3. Crash-course
  4. Academic writing audits
  5. Academic Publication Consultancy
  6. Research design
  7. Brand & Visual Identity
  8. Focused Literature Review
  9. Exploratory Literature Review


For high-level goals of your organization and projects with consultancy support on:

  1. Policy Recommendation
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Expertise building
  4. Branding strategy