About Us

Prakerti Collective Intelligence is a unit under Prakerti co-operative platform founded by cognitive workers. We work as collective intelligence to aim towards meaningful transformations of workers livelihood & society through relentless cognitive works such as research, study, thinking, journalism, art, & trans-disciplinary  commoning,   collaborations, as well as experimentations. 

Prakerti Collective Intelligence  produces state of the art reviews to support scientific studies which can be used  as a foundation for client’s academic publication, strategic decision-making, research and development, academic novelty, scientific journalism and for business and organizational applications. Prakerti delivers its Intellectual Service for academics, artists, designers, cultural producers, public, state, private institutions or individuals who need support on their intellectual and academic works. 

Prakerti is founded by trans-disciplinary cognitive workers who are keen to curate and extract the insights of tens or even hundreds of thousand world most current researches scattered throughout various high-profile online scientific repositories (such as Science Direct, Taylor & Francis, SAGE, Wiley, Frontiers, Plos One, PubMed, Springer, IEEE Xplore etc.)